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  1. *Update* I phoned tax credits as I had to change the telephone number. I ended up getting the lady to help me. We went through the childcare for last year and this year. As I told her I really didn’t want to get any further payments that I wasn’t entitled to. If I’m completely honest I’m still confused how they go about working out childcare costs. For my stress levels I’m not perusing claiming. Although from what I understand I’m not entitled to them anyway (during this tax year)even though he will be going during school summer holiday It turns out I have obviously
  2. Thanks London1971. I’m stressing a bit today. As I didn’t check the review letter will they think I was trying to claim fraudulently? And when I think about it it would also relate back to 2018 when my son started school They have only mentioned since April 2019 I have since been on line (it’s so confusing)and tried to update my childcare allowance so it meets what I have paid out last year.
  3. Oh my god thank you dx100uk! for a few minutes there my stomach hit the floor and I thought my days were numbered Thanks HB
  4. I don’t know, I told them child care costs were £120 a week which they were. He started school i rang them to advise. Told them I would still need child care as there would be school holidays. I wrongly assumed they would work out my allowance. And never reviewed it myself
  5. HB this is the tax credit penalties leaflet
  6. Thanks dx100uk. I have read on the information leaflets they send out that I’ll be fined up to £3000 as it I’ll be seen as fraud. Will that be an up front payment do you know?
  7. Thanks for getting back to me HB and thank you for the welcome. I’ve had a read around and that’s why I posted. I’ve read the great advice given. Compliance does sound scary, in fact the HMRC scares me! I know by looking at what I was awarded which is far more than what I pay for child care. I don’t think I worked out the child care element properly when my son started school
  8. Hi I have received a letter from HMRC requesting me to attend a telephone interview. They are asking for childcare costs April 2019/2020 Wheb I have gone through my invoices and what I currently get allowance for this is about £3k under! What will happen? Will I be prosecuted? Thanks in advance for any help
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