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  1. EMS are the letting agents. Estate Management Services. They have several properties around E5/N16 area. Sorry for late reply. They have terrible ratings on Google - I contacted two of their former tenants, who they've tried to do over with the deposit. The latest is that I haven't had my deposit back - I raised a dispute, but heard nothing. Received another demand for money from Lowells, ignoring the dispute about the deposit. So they're now demanding a pumped up figure of 8k plus.
  2. The clients stated are the managing agents. I wonder if I should now change the title of the thread as I'm going to ignore Lowells (for now), or see how the deposit dispute turns out. Have finally heard from the managing agents re. checking out the property. They are trying to charge 720.00 for cleaning and damages, which I will have to dispute via mydeposits. The only legit things they could charge me for are a) cleaning the oven. My cleaner did a brilliant job overall but ovens are not her forte. b) a mark on the carpet where some candle wax dripped. c) a plastic cur
  3. Thank you. I'm prepared for them to keep all my security deposit, but it needs to be set against the rent I owe, they can't possibly claim I've caused hundreds or thousands of pounds in damage. The mydeposits scheme is supposed to mean that my deposit is safeguarded/ringfenced, but from speaking to other former tenants, they just made up things to charge them for, like 300 quid for cleaning. So if there's a balance owing to the agents, I should just wait to see if they bother taking me to court? They know I have no money and I've told them I'm not scared of
  4. Dear All, thanks so much for taking time to answer me, I will read through these replies properly after breakfast. Really appreciate your time and wanting to help. In answer to a couple of questions: 1. it was an expensive flat. I could afford it when I took it on, started to struggle with rent late last year, couldn’t get anyone to share (second bedroom I used as office is tiny). I knew the landlords wouldn’t let me out of the lease early, so I planned to stay till end of March, find somewhere cheaper. Lockdown messed up plans. Lowell’s mention my “staying months after I
  5. Hello, I have a *slightly* complicated situation which I would appreciate help in unpicking. I moved out of a rental property last month. My lease expired at the end of March, and due to the COVID restrictions I could not move until May. I also had next to no income for March, April or May, again due to COVID. I did tell the landlords and they harassed me with constant emails until I told them firmly to stop, as it was making me ill (verified) which held up the moving process. I am now on Universal Credit, which pays a very small amount, plus a small pen
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