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  1. yes this story has a long way to go i feel
  2. Yes its very usual. with no questinons asked. They just keep upping the limit. pushing you onto lower interest loans. I was made redundant last summer but got a new gig on less cash which was supposed to be a stepping stone. Unfortunately those plans are not going to come to fruition and with the flights being locked down the sensible option was to leave. Fortunately my wife and child are not in the UAE right now. Its an unfortunate situation but This Covid virus has really made a bad situation into a bit of a mare. Propertywise we h
  3. I have just had to leave dubai due to redundancy and I have 2 credit cards bills that are around 250,000. I still have 50k or so in my bank over there so can service the debt but its now looking like Il be staying in the UK and wont be able to continue the repayments at some point soon. I have moved in with my father and my wife and baby will soon be joining. What would be your advice?
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