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  1. no faults were reported after 5 and half months so within 6months. So I need to wait for the process?
  2. Hi and thanks for your reply, yes I am still paying the monthly hp agreement. yes the car has not turned a wheel since February the 14th. I have asked to return the car under the section 75 consumer act as I had the vehicle under six months, when the faults occurred. My understanding is this process must be followed to determine blame? The first inspection was inconclusive and I haven't seen the report or had access to it, even after asking. the second report was for the oil filter which apparently we are still waiting on.
  3. Hello to all and i apologies if I am breaching any forum rules, any help or advice is greatly received. I traded in my car almost a year ago and purchased a second hand kia optima 2013 with around 75000 on the clock, and 127 a month in HP payments. After 5 and a half months of normal use the engine seized, the reverse camera and sensors no longer worked and the passenger seat belt alarm continuously sounds at various times when no one is seated in it. I had also needed to renew pads and a brake calliper almost 4 months after purchase. I had not raise
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