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  1. Hi Dx100uk, Hope your well, I have received a letter yesterday from Overdale Solicitors with "notice of acting" as the heading, they say they are now going to initiate legal proceedings unless I pay the £386.69 that I owe, I've included the letters below, I was advised that I have about £70 in fees and interest to submit to them to lower the balance. is the charges.xls document in the thread a template or have all the correct figures been added into it. I had also received a 40% discount offer in January, which I ignored thinking it might increase, and didn
  2. Ok just checking.. so I fill in the form including the charges and dates charged, fill in date claimed to, is that the date the account was opened, or the date of the first charge ? Then I leave the date to blank, as the interest runs until the claim is closed, send to Lowell wait for their response, then work out a full and final settlement ? if they then reject this and refuse, do I just wait for the day they send a court claim I let it go to court and argue it out their ? Also is there a sample letter on here I should send with the sheet ? please answer in your
  3. Ok, no problem, I’m just eager to sort it out, It’s not something I fully understand to work out on my own. I did look for the form but couldn’t find it on the forum. do you think I can claim the interest ? On the link you sent it mentions PPI but on my SAR it says there is no PPI included on the account. Are they still relevant? also could you explain, why I am able to claim these charges, if there are written into my contract as I’ve tried to explain what I’ve been told to my partner and she is adamant I cannot claim these if it’s included as part of my agre
  4. Hi, where do I find the stat interest sheet? I'm unsure what do as nobody has answered my last few comments, 30/06/15, I was charged £2.31 for interest, this was the last time I was charged interest, the description on statment states: 09Jun I've found a section in the SAR that tells me, the total charge for credit with interest if this helps the amount is 197.21. The annual purchase, cash rate is 34.94 percent, monthly is is 2.53% I've looked at customer insight pages and there’s a section which says Chrg off: 05/01/2016, i
  5. 30/06/15 I was charged £2.31 for interest, the description states: 09Jun. this was the last time I was charged interest.
  6. Ive found a section in the sar that tells me the total charge for credit with interest if this helps the amount is 197.21 The annual purchase, cash rate is 34.94 percent, monthly is is 2.53% im looking at customer insight pages and there’s a section which says Chrg off: 05/01/2016, is this the date the interest was frozen ? the debt was sold to Lowell’s on 30/04/20 however they froze the interest well before then. They froze it whilst I was stepchange, they ended my plan last year becouse had nothing to spare.
  7. Thanks for your reply, here are the charges £12 over limit fee on 17/12/14 £12 over limit fee on 15/06/15 £12 returned from payment fee on 01/07/15 £12 late or failure to pay fee on 03/07/15 I’m not sure how to work out the interest, I cannot find the date that the interest was stopped.
  8. Capital ones copy is in a higher resolution. Well it still is just about legible, I can read it when viewing the copy they sent with naked eye, however it becomes more blurry when scanning into the computer. I cannot uploads it, that’s what I am saying, When scanning it into the computer at 300 dpi it’s still difficult to read you, the forum guide said to scan to below 300, so I scanned at 200, then I edited the file to remove personal info and converted to PDF, but I am unable to upload because the size is higher than 4.88mb, if I compress it it’s goin
  9. Hi, I am having difficulty uploading the original credit agreement provided by the DCA. It is in poor quality and is very difficult to read, the one they sent was easier to read, however after scanning into the computer at 200 dpi, it has made the text smaller, I have merged the images to one pdf, however I am unable to upload it because its over 4.88mb, if I compress it the text is only going to get smaller and then you won't have a cats chance in hell of reading it, its bad enough now. I can confirm however that the one sent by Lowell is 100% identical to the original which has
  10. Hi, I have since received a copy of the credit agreement from Lowell and the sar request from capital 1, I now accept the debt however can not afford to pay the full amount and would like to make an offer for full and final settlement, I’m not exactly sure on the best way to do this, after all of my bills I have 30 pound spare but if they were to accept a full and final offer I could probably raise some money. the account was opened on 24/10/2014 and was served the default notice on 26/08/15, the last payment made towards the account was 07/06/2019 for £1, the amo
  11. I have just checked my credit file and Lowell have added this to my credit file in June, are they allowed to do this considering the accounts in dispute and they told me they had put the account on hold and had suspended all activity relating to the account, there is no marker showing for July.
  12. Hi andy, I cannot send your CCA template as I have already sent my own copy, and they have already acknowledged the request, the time limit expired yesterday that's why I was going to send the section 10 along with the following letter to back my self up, in your opinion should I still send it or not ? I'm not sending the section ten any more, but I am unsure on the one below, I dont see why it is pointless letter tennis,
  13. london1971, I get that completely, however that's not what dx said, he said I appear to have moved, I haven't said I have moved, how does it appear I have moved throughout our discussion on this thread that that is the case, and how does it suggest that I haven't updated anyone as to where I live, because I have updated Capital One and everyone else where I live that is how Lowell contacted me. On another note, if a CCA has been requested and it has not been provided, then can a court claim be still issued, would I have to go to court and make that point that the CCA was request
  14. No dx, you are mistaken, I changed my name back in 2017 for personal reasons I am not going disclose on here and informed Capital One, I have updated all my creditors every time I move, I don't appreciate your assumptions, the CCA request and the section 10 was found on this forum, I have asked for your advice on how I should proceed. I am aware the debt is mine however do not agree with the balance that is stated, if no CCA agreement is found I won’t be paying, as I was under the understanding that no further action could be taken to enforce the
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