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  1. Thank you kindly, hugely appreciated. I will do. I have a draft ready that I put together with Bankfodder's genius help some time ago, will review and post it here.
  2. Thanks a lot - Yes that's fine. I will do that. I have all the evidence as well so will send to court as directed via email.
  3. Many thanks Andyorch. Hope all is well with everyone on here. My claim against Express Solicitors has been allocated to be heard remotely on the 16th July at 10am at Romford County Court. The letter states that it is estimated this hearing will take two hours. I need some assistance now please satisfying the Judge's directions for preparation for the hearing. I will upload the court letter (remover names etc) for ease of reference. I am determined to fight this case so thanks all. Here's part of the court letter Court Letter for the for
  4. @BankFodder A very special Happy New Year to you and all the nice people on this forum. I have just made a donation. Best wishes for a good new year. stormy
  5. Thank you @Andyorch. Yes looks like I might need some help with this. i will also do some research too and will post soon on here. Many thanks Stormy
  6. Thank you @Andyorch yes you are correct. I returned the N180 questionnaire. I will prepare now for the hearing. I have already filed my defence statement and will wait instructions from the court authorities. I will update here again. Many thanks again.
  7. Hi, yes there’s an update. The matter has gone to the small claims court. I have posted the relevant forms to the court and copy to claimant, indicating my preferred CC centre. They will be delivered all parties by Monday 24/8! @Andyorch do you have any advice please as to how best I prepare for the next phase now? Have a good week end all.
  8. Thank you all for your contributions. Much appreciated. I have posted my defence to the court today and a copy to the claimant. I will upload a copy of the statement on this thread at some point. Kind regards
  9. You guys have been so helpful and informative. Thank you . I have gone back to the Senior Firm's partner who dealt with the SAR and asked to provide the information requested in my original SAR - specifically records of my phone calls dates and times, transcript and email exchange. These- the ICO- deemed to be covered under the DPA. Thanks again.
  10. The request was for - file - records of phone calls and transcript - email exchange I should have made it clearer in the post- you're right.
  11. Hi @Ganymede I didn't ask just for my file from express- I made it very clear in my letter that I wanted records and transcript of my telephone calls with the organisation . I have just been advised by the ICO (and i have explained my case to them) that the above information- records of dates of phone calls and transcripts - fall under the Data Protection Act and that the organisation must comply with the request. The ICO has advised that I go back to Express today and if they don't provide me with the information - as I am running out of time too- I need
  12. @Manxman in exile No- the defence will not based on they are bulling me! Good grief, the defence will be on other matters - primarily of their business conduct which became unbearable, including their bullish attitude. I have checked the exemption rules from ICO and I have emailed ICO with my reason for complaining.
  13. Hi @Manxman in exile and thank you. No I haven't contacted them at all. In fact, I did consider it, for a very brief second- and that was yesterday- but so glad i went with my gut instinct which told me not to- as subsequent to that, i received the SAR response- which has even more reinforced my thinking that I will go ahead to defend the case.
  14. Thanks for your response @London1971, Yes I will report them to ICO. I will write to Managing partner as well tomorrow- but I am not holding my breath as the firm seems to be rotten, the person who's dealt with the response to my SAR is in fact a partner at the firm and yes larky...how embarrassing and I can't believe I am dealing with such bullies. And before anyone says I am being harsh, this is precisely why I couldn't handle them any more - because of the way they conducted business, called like sharks, were rude on the phone- particularly their legal executive who de
  15. Hi all Just a bit of an update. I am about to submit my defence, which will be posted this week end ready for Monday, and this morning I received an email response to my SAR request from Express Solicitors. I am not satisfied with their response and the information provided based on my request, and would appreciate any thoughts on this. I am uploading the two documents sent by express today. The second attachment is supposed to contain the information they have provided in response to the SAR- however i specifically requested details of all of my records, t
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