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  1. Hi @BankFodder Thanks for the above. I agree with you on giff gaff price plans and service. It actually became evident from the benchmarking exercise my team did, so that's where the suggestions came. This seemed to be the most cost effective provider, no hassle, 30 day contract sim only, for the type of households we need to shift. We have provided the handsets so there will be no need for a new one- it will be just moving them across to a cost affective provider that meets their needs, as we phase out our support in the next month. My intention was to support the households given the circumstances and hopefully be able to support this site. I will explore the logistics of the transfer over in the next couple of weeks. Kind regards
  2. Is this still the case? Or it was time limited. As part of the programme I lead we supported approx 200 vulnerable households by providing them with a phone and paid their contract from March up to now but will need to move them all to an affordable provider and my team was exploring giff gaf. if CAG will still get a contribution from new uptakes via the above link then I will organise for all the contracts to be switched over via the link. Currently I heave approx 200 households that will need to be switched over. Thanks
  3. Thank you for your thoughts. There’s a lot to consider with this case.
  4. My GP called me today as he's prepared the letter for my defence. He was fully aware of how I was feeling at the time and had a really long chat together. @Maxman in exile- Don't be too consumed with my job and level of seniority in my organisation, bullying and harassment etc, ambulance chasers operate in that manner. Thanks for your contribution here though. It's always good to read views of forum members.
  5. I agree and will proceed with defending the case. I find the aggressiveness which Express representatives were dealing with me at the time troubling, this frankly mounted my anxiety and made me unable to cooperate- which is sad really.
  6. Fee information from Express when another legal executive took over the case. Case Taken Over - New Fee Earner v1.pdf
  7. Hi @London1971I would have probably been in the 99% statistic if it wasn't for husband coming on here and you guys offering direction. Thanks guys. A bit of a quiet day today, but sent out some SAR requests and awaiting letter from doctor.
  8. I understand what you're saying, the donation has nothing to do with the enthusiasm for the case, as frankly I kind of know what the score is-- but I appreciate people on here taking the time to respond and contribute. Showing support for the site doesn't need to be linked to outcomes of whatever case we are seeking help with.
  9. Thank you for the advice and support on this site. I always appreciate the help/comfort/support I get in life whether in good time or challenging ones. A forum like this is truly outstanding, and the guidance/contributions and directions I have received have kept me sane at a very difficult time. I have made my donations, and it's not going to be a one off. We must all support this site to help ourselves and others who come on here.
  10. Hi, well I am not enthusiastic or optimistic at all on this matter - I am frustrated and any time I hear from them it brings back memory of how tired I felt dealing with them, repeating the same information to the same Legal executive person who dealt with my case- quoting express solicitors correspondence on the matter long time ago. I feel a sense of injustice done here from express and that’s why I would like to defend the case with the help and contributions on here.
  11. I got the name of their DPO from their website and addressed my request directly to Ms xxx only for ruthless Mr xxx who’s the claimant to email me.hes now out of the office for two days, I have still emailed my response to him and the DPO email address. i would ring tomorrow.
  12. @London1971 yes I agree with you on the reviews. Submitted the Identity documents a few minutes ago along with the letter that @BankFodder kindly put together. Thank you all once again.
  13. I received it in my email, but yes accessed the link either via the laptop or the phone and you were directed to a signature page, which you were supposed to enter your name and date, but didn't seem to have saved it on the claimants portal, so the next day I will get either an email or a call from express asking to sign the document, so things like this that kept annoying me.
  14. Hi @London1971 they asked me to electronically access their file and electronically sign the agreement. Some weird electronic system they had in place which didn't work as they kept asking me to sign it many times. I have the emails to that.
  15. Thank you @BankFodder Noted and I will update my local version.
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