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  1. I have included them all in the dro, statue barred debts and unenforceable debts can also be included in a dro, as I explained and showed proof to the intermediary that they are old debts , this does not mean that I have agreed to pay the debt if dro is cancelled for some reason. Even if I want to pay it I'm unable to do, due to lack of income...but I don't want to stay poor all my life, so one of the reasons that I applied for dro, is that I can start afresh once the dro has expired. I will think about your suggestion, thanks for the offered help.
  2. If Barclays has the cca, pra can supply it also, as they request it from the original lenders? The others: one provided one, the second one was not able to provide anything. Surprisingly, so many organisations work from home nowdays and don't send paper documentation but collection agencies keep sending letters saying: It's time to pay, I think they are desperate... I anyway stopped paying both 5 years ago.
  3. Yes, I have requested CCA's, Barc provided 300 pages, and they were the main issue, hence the dro. I would not mentally cope to fight with barcl esp. if I have to deal with courts. I am not familiar with law and unable to afford money for professional help if it goes to court. They gave me the loan irresponsibly and therefore it was unaffordable from the beginning but unfortunately I don't think I would have been able to proof this now, and I never knew that such option was available until recently.
  4. Not 6 years, just under 5 years, although loan paid to barcl £1 every month until last month.
  5. Thanks dx. I will explain to them that I shredded them already and see what they will say, otherwise will pay extra for recorded delivery. I don't care about my credit file/score. Although my credit file is clear since April 2014: no defaults, no collection agencies, loans or credit cards recorded. Credit score 650 on credit karma. I am not even sure where, when and how the DRO will appear on credit file, as nobody has been reporting my 'debts' since 2014. I can only see the 2 current bank accounts at £0 on the credit files on both Experian an
  6. dx, Thanks for the great conversation and advice. I will think about the options I have and will come back here if I make a different decision. I'm going to close my barclays account anyway. Does anyone know if the best idea is to cancel my debit card before posting it by post to barcl please? Has anyone managed to close an account recently online without filling up forms and sending cheques and cards by post? I find it odd to be required to send the card and also unused cheques by post, is this safe for the account holder?
  7. Nobody did, I did. DRO is couple of months old... Couple of credit cards cabot and pra + the loan with pra, saying that barc asked them to arrange it with me on their behalf, or something similar... Why do you think DRO is so bad? What are the negatives?
  8. Sorry, did not realize it might be a little difficult to read. Yes, I live in England permanently, just on a short trip at the mo, attending a funeral...
  9. I did not know about irresponsible lending until I already was issued with the dro. A complaint for a loan from 2007, do you think this can be accepted by the Ombusman? It was unsecured loan for £20K. The only bank account I had then in my 20s was with Barclays and I had an income of about £200 a week going in to my personal account. I applied online, 5 minutes application and never was asked to provide wages/tax returns or anything. I received the money in my account within 24 hours and since then I only had problems... I was trying to pay every month an
  10. Because Barclays loan was for £12+K, they sent me the proof that I owe them (300+pages) and I am/was very distressed, could not mentally take it anymore, otherwise the right thing I know was to fight it. I believe they gave me this loan irresponsibly, and it was unaffordable from the beginning, pra recently sent me a letter that barclays asked them to arrange it with me, so maybe I had a good chance winning, too late now..., receiving letters, phone calls from collection agencies +for other small credit card debts all from 2007 (most of them were not enforceable th
  11. I have £0 in Barclays current account, I have not used it for years, and I want to close it down. I only kept it open in the last 10 years to pay £1 monthly to them for a loan taken in 2007, now I have DRO and I don't need to pay them or communicate with them, because they are on the DRO, loan does not show on my account since 2014. I'm unable to visit a branch, and the other option I see is to fill out a paper form and send my chequebook and cutup debit card and send to them by post. Is this safe? Would you suggest to cancel my card over the phone first? The
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