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  1. I need people to simply state they have READ it. So if someone views it, please post a reply that they have read it. Proof of public posting of the interest by way of Lien is all that has been deemed necessary by the Judge in question. I realise that a LOT of people don't believe these things work, but that is because they fail to apply the CORRECT procedure(s). Liens are NOTHING to do with "freeman" imaginary stuff. Liens are based on REAL world applications. Please go check out www.ilien.io which is backed by one of the biggest investment banks in the US where correct
  2. THis HAS been confirmed as valid by a High Court Judge. Nothing to do with freeman bollocks mate. A Lien is a LEGALLY valid remedy if you do the research and why don't you check what uncle Fester did when he was served with it? HE RESIGNED! FYI I HAVE got a proper case with VAST amounts of case law, witnesses and a document stack three feet thick. Internal documents from the Coop bank head office (memos between managers proving FRAUD). I'm giving the **** a chance to settle out of court, but no longer., I've already had a repossession thrown out of court (fo
  3. NOTICE OF INDEBTEDNESS A Commercial Lien arising from damages claimed for torts against the living, man; Sean Patrick Goddard of Keewaydin, Waterloo Port, Caernarfon. LL55 1LP to the sum of £1,366,661.32 (£32,166,533.00 pending non-payment by 06/12/2020) on the properties of both parties named as; ANDREW JOHN MILTON BESTER Of SIMOR HOUSE, 20 CLARE HILL, ESHER, SURREY KT10 9NB &
  4. ***ATTENTION*** If you have had ANY PROBLEMS whatsoever, no matter how small, with the above then you NEED to send copies of any and ALL correspondence regarding the matter, regardless of outcome (although a bad one will help more) to the FCA head office in London who now have an OPEN FILE on this company. If enough complaints are sent in then it can ONLY end badly for this company which, quite frankly, should NOT be allowed anywhere near a banking license!
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