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  1. Well another update. Just as I had written a letter of claim last night expecting to send it off today, I woke up to an email from Hermes this morning expecting the worst as usual. I was amazed to be told that my parcel was at the buyers local depot which was subsequently delivered this morning. I am beyond relieved, and that is an understatement. Whether this was down to my relentless persistence with Hermes I'll probably never know. What has shocked me the most is the fact I've been told my Packlink that an investigation was carried out to it's whereabouts and ultimately deemed 'lost' and non compensated for. It's obvious now that this was totally untrue. Part of me feels like I should be making a claim against eBay and Packlink, and probably Hermes too due to the complete lack of competence on their behalf which put me in a very difficult and stressful postition for the last two weeks. Either way, I couldn't have asked for a better result and I thank you for your help non the less. It will certainly stick with me should I be unfortunate to find myself in this position again in the future.
  2. Thanks so much for your help, it's truly appreciated. With regards to trying to contact them, I have a) emailed Hermes, b) emailed Packlink, c) Opened a case with Hermes using Resolver, d) used Hermes online chat robot 'Holly'. Many phone attempts have been tried also, but no working numbers exist to my knowledge, at least ones that I can get through to. Just a quick query regarding the reference numbers to be included in the letter of claim. I understand the parcel reference will be the Hermes tracking number (I'll also include the packlink reference number), but I'm not sure what the claim number will be? As i've stated previously, I haven't been given any official claim number as I've not been able to make a claim with Hermes. The only thing I do have is reference numbers relating to the customer service chats regarding my parcel and also a resolver case number. Shall I include all of them?
  3. Hi, Just an update on this. It seems one cannot just go onto the Hermes website and find a claims form to download, it's something that has to be authorized and sent once having spoken with a customer service representative. Hermes seem to again be reluctant to help me and issue me with a claims form since this was all booked through Packlink. The last response from Hermes I received today via Resolver was- " Unfortunately, to initiate this procedure of the refund or replacement, you will have to go through the correct channels which means you will have to contact your re-seller. This is because we can only see parts of the tracking information regarding retail parcels and any discussion of these details with you would break our contract with the retailer. " This sounds like utter nonsense to me. How can only see parts of the tracking when you are the ones in charge for the safe transit of my parcel from location A to B. Wouldn't you require full access to all tracking of parcels to ensure their whereabouts? I'm not familiar with the law but this sounds like excuses being made to try and confuse people. Should I now just proceed with a MCOL? I've exhausted all avenues with both Hermes and Packlink and I am getting nowhere.
  4. Ok so your basically saying to send that off so I can gather as much information together before pursuing a small courts claim? So essentially, I might have to wait for 1 month until the SAR arrives before I can make a claim?
  5. Apologies, but yes, in respect to whether or not the item stated was a musical instrument, i have a shipment receipt on my eBay account which contains all that information, along with the value. By SAR, do you mean a subject access request?
  6. Yes I believe so. The guitar was sold on eBay and I paid for a Hermes delivery directly through the eBay listing using PackLink so all the details would have presumably been carried through from the eBay listing. There was no option when booking to input what was being sent etc so I can only presume it is all added automatically.
  7. Hi there, Yes I understand that I have to claim against Hermes and not PackLink. Another update- As expected, PackLink won't do anything to compensate me since the item sent was a musical instrument. Here is their response . So since PackLink can't help me and I have written confirmation that Hermes cannot help me, can i issue a letter of claim to Hermes now? Please can you point me to that as this is all new to me. Thanks so much again.
  8. Thankyou. Update- PackLink have gotten back to me regarding the investigation into the whereabout's of my item that they asked 30 days for. After just 1 day, they have confirmed the parcel is lost. They do have both my eBay and PayPal invoices confirming the item value of 1100 however I am guessing that will offer me the basic Hermes coverage of 25. So 2 questions really- 1. If they offer me any less than the full value of the item, do i decline this offer? I imagine accepting any offer would effect my claim going foward in the small courts? 2. When is the right time to make a claim? Now, or after PackLink get back to me with an offer of compensation?
  9. Hi there, I will try and make this as straight and to the point as possible. I sold an electric guitar on eBay on the 14th of June with a final sale value of 1100 GBP. I organized a courier delivery via eBay's Packlink service where I chose Hermes as the courier. I securely packaged the guitar inside of a cardbox with the dimensions of 110 H x 50 W x 15 H, so a large parcel, and dropped it off at a Hermes collection point on the 15th of June where I received a reciept of upon handing it over. According to the tracking information, the parcel was collected from the drop off point at 3.54pm on the 15th of June and the last update was at 3.50am on the 16th of June where it has been stuck at 'at the national sorting hub Northern'. So less than 12 hours after it was collected it has gone missing. I can understand if it was perhaps a small letter but we are talking a very large parcel here. I was informed by the buyer on the 21st of June that the parcel has still not arrived and that is when I started to make investigations into it's whereabouts. I quickly realized that it was impossible to source a contact number to speak to an employee at Hermes so I have had to resort to correspondance via Resolver where I have opened up a case with both Hermes and PackLink. After continous emails back and forth, Hermes have today passed the buck onto PackLink and plainly said that they cannot assist me any further. Packlink have today advised that they will lodge an investigation into it's whereabouts but that they require 30 days from the 25th of June. I am at the stage where I am ready to make a money claim online but a) I am unsure who I claim against, Packlink or Hermes? and b) when should i be lodging the claim given that Packlink are asking for 30 days to investigate this? Thanks, Chris.
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