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  1. No, I mistakenly thought that eBay and PayPal operated pretty much hand in hand. Having checked your link I will continue to wait the days until the eBay dispute can't be reopened but then go to PayPal before considering legal action. BTW does anyone think a charge back through my bank would work?
  2. OK thank you for all the advice. I will give RM the remaining days until eBay will not reopen the claim then decide whether to proceed. Will update the thread when I have more news.
  3. Yes a VAT registered UK business although trading from a residential address if that makes any difference.
  4. Yes making a claim through eBay was my first action. Sadly, even though the item was not sent by the way it should have been and the seller will not communicate with them they are taking the view that as the minimal tracking information says delivery was made I do not have a case.
  5. A couple of months ago I bought an item costing £44 from eBay and paid with PayPal. The item should have been sent by Royal Mail 1st Class signed for but for reasons unknown the seller only used standard 1st Class parcel although he did get a tracking number. That tracking says delivery was made the next day and due to that eBay will not accept my claim even though the service used was not as advertised. I was in all that day and delivery was not made to me however I live in a block of flats so it is impossible to know if it has been left in a public area and stolen by
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