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  1. Ok, I get it now! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I’ll sleep much better tonight thanks to you and the others that have contributed here. Thank you
  2. I’ve attached a shot from my other Credit Karma report.
  3. @dx100uk Surely settling my debts is better than defaulting on them? As I said I have very little knowledge on how the system works. If the defaulted is the date when it first shows as in default then that would be November 2014? cheers
  4. Hi, Since credit file/scores are now free, I signed up a while back in an aim to improve my score etc. I noticed at first all was well. But as time has gone on, my score has been coming down and down. I investigated further to find that there is 1 account in Default since 2014. It is my old student account and from what I can remember, I had an OD limit of £1200 which I was under, but then they changed my account to a Gold Reward account which didn’t have the OD facility, thus sending me over and charging me fees upon fees until they closed my account.
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