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  1. There are people who are afraid to go in there now. They are also frightened of reprisals if they make any sort of official complaint (the man threatened to break a customer's legs if they (in his own words) 'slagged him off', online or anywhere else. I believe the place is independently owned and not part of a big chain like Lloyd's or Rowlands. The prices are there for all to see, written on every item in the shop. But I dare say the intimidating behaviour would be denied and his small number of staff would probably back him up. Ripping ordinary folk off is bad enough, but threat
  2. It's about a half hour walk away. Not a problem for me, but for many OAPs who have no transport (especially in winter conditions) it could be a bit awkward. I boycotted the place ages ago. But the overcharging is still going on, nearly three years after I last bought anything from there. My neighbours have informed me that it's still a monumental rip off and that anyone questions this at their peril. The other pharmacy is a well known company and is very professional and properly priced. It's just the old 'uns and parents who want over the counter meds for their kids in the vicinit
  3. Good afternoon, There's a pharmacy in my area that puts their own prices on over the counter drugs and other items. RRP is never used and barcodes are never scanned. Prices are typed into the till by hand when every other shop uses a RRP/barcode scanner. The management and staff write their own prices on items in biro (in 2021!) and prices are usually almost double their official RRP. Say, an item that has a RRP of £2.50 will be priced by their own hand at £ 5.00. While a RRP £5.50 box of brand name tablets gets sold for over 8 or even 9 pounds. This has been going on
  4. Hello, This is the first time I have written to you, but you came highly recommended and I do need some advice. I am a kidney patient (CKD Stage 4) and I was told in no uncertain terms that I was in the high risk category during the Covid-19 crisis and that I had to strictly self isolate. I have been doing this to the letter. However, I am being constantly pestered on the phone by a company who are supposed to help me but they are only out to help themselves. Despite my condition I try to lead as normal a life as possible and (until the virus) looked for a suitable work position.
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