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  1. Hi, It was my father who sent the parcel, I think he declared the value at around £60, the original value of the board would have been £600 roughly, but it was a few years old, and was being sent to me so I could repair it. I had trouble getting the claim from them, they kept going round in a circle about what the parcel description was, and eventually on their chat function yesterday they said there was a claim amount offered of £10, and I could get the cost of shipping refunded separately. the parcel when through Hermes, I did contact them directly, but they didn't want to know and told me to speak to parcel2go.
  2. hello, I had a parcel posted out in the beginning of march, and a few days after postage the parcel has been lost, its now mid June and today I have been offered £10 as credit against the lost parcel by parcel2go. I paid more that that for the postage! the Parcel in question is a snowboard in a bag, so roughly 1.8m long and 50cm wide. its hardly a small item! surely I shouldn't have to insure myself against their total lack of competence to deliver a parcel and complete the service I paid for. is there anything I can do, and is it worth submitting a claim on MCOL? cheers
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