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  1. Letter in the post. Arrived yesterday. I will call them tomorrow and see what’s going on. take care
  2. Debt value is going down. It’s the fact that they didn’t tell me and then got a letter from collections team informing me I am way over my limit! it feels like they have pulled the rug out from under me so to speak and I am now left grossly over limit
  3. Hi. It’s Bank of Scotland. Surely I’m doing this, they then will register with a credit agency that I am way over my limit
  4. Hi i have a credit card with a £14800 limit. balance on card is approx £8500 First I knew of it was when I received a letter yesterday from the bank collections department to say they had reduced my credit limit to £5800 and I was now £2700 over my limit and what was I going to do about it? The letter was very blunt. Can the bank do this with no notice? I’ve been worried sick all weekend I would be grateful for any advice please.
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