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  1. 1. It was after 3-4 weeks for first pcn 2. Yes. Its saved. 3.Email was: "Hello! I got 7 pcn for congestion charge, even if I have set my auto pay account. I don't know what happend, I have called once to change the vehicle in my account and old one was deleted but the new one was not set in my account. I don't know who's mistake is, and now I got 7 pcn for 7 days. What can I do? Have to challenge all of them, one by one? Thank you!"
  2. This is for the last pcn from those 7. But only for this i got the second letter.
  3. Hello. My name is Marius and i am phv driver. a Few months ago when I wanted to change car's details in my CC account, i don't know what happend but my new car was not added. after one month i got 7 pcn for unpaid CC. I didn't know how to do it to challenge all of them and i sent an email to tfl to ask what to do but i did not get any answear. But after that, having some problems, i forgot about. One day I got a letter from them about one of those 7, asking me to pay it. I dont got nothing about the other 6. What can i do
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