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  1. Many thanks for your response and the interesting points made. dx100uk seems to contradict what you say about the 6-year limitation rule (unless I misunderstood him) when he said - "but whatever is over 6yrs old you are not liable due to the limitations act." But anyway, no, I didn't know that these a-holes who drive around putting cards through people's doors, telling them to phone the stated mobile number within 24 hours "or else", were not bailiffs. If you phone their office to complain after a card has been put through your door, you're told that they c
  2. Fascinating, thank you so much, dx! So if one of these people turned up at my door (or anyone else's), asking for money, it would be reasonable to tell them to go away or else the police will be called. I know someone who had to deal with a bailiff a few years back but I think that was for an unpaid electricity account. Of course, that would've been different because - as you pointed out - electricity is different to water in that it doesn't come under Consumer Debt. I don't understand why a water utilities company would bother to use a DCA if they have no p
  3. Forgive me here if I sound stupid, but "zero powers"? Don't debt collection agencies use bailiffs if their letters don't achieve results? UK Search Ltd and the other DCAs don't employ bailiffs? If this is the case, why does anyone - ever - bother to pay up?? Thanks again.
  4. Thank you so much, dx100uk and BankFodder, for your thoughtful and patient replies. I am greatly encouraged that any monies allegedly owed from before May 2014 can be pretty much ignored. By my reckoning, this means the most I can possibly owe will be about half of the £800 they're screaming for. I will read the other related threads on this site and get the SAR from Southern Water. Once I have that, I'll come back to this page, as suggested. This is a great site. Thanks again.
  5. I appreciate your response but when you say "sadly no", do you mean that no, they cannot chase me years later if they've been negligent in the past? Why would that be sad? That would be great news! I will act on your advice, but if they won't send me copies of the original bills, how can I be sure that they were ever issued? From friends' experiences, I know that DCAs will lie and use underhand tactics - anything to get you to part with your money. I'm happy to agree when you say I've been lucky until now although the recent letters were the first correspondence I've ev
  6. Thank you again. I never avoided paying, I just don't recall receiving the bills in the first place. Will Southern Water also send me copies of the original bills if I request them? If through their negligence they never sent any bills at the time, then can they legally chase me for payment, all these years later? I really appreciate all your help.
  7. Thank you. Yes, it's Southern Water. About the 6-year rule, is it the case then that any bills that were sent longer ago than 6 years do not now have to be paid? I ask because I've always thought that if such bills are not paid at the time of issue then the owed money is simply tacked on to the following year's bill, in other words, keeping any old debt alive? Many thanks.
  8. Thank you for the quick response. I don't know much about dealing with such things so can you tell me what such a document would do, please? The debt letters insist I deal directly with UK Search, leading me to believe that they have bought this alleged debt. So would the water company respond to me?
  9. Hi everyone. I've received a few letters from UK Search Ltd claiming I owe about £800 to a water company, from my time at my previous address. They haven't provided any breakdown of the figure or related dates so the amount could have been simply plucked out of the air for all I know. The first letter was simply asking me if I was their named person that they "would like to talk to". I was but didn't reply. Then, just a few days later, came the payment demand. There has since been one more letter. I moved out from that address well over 4 years ago, having m
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