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  1. Hi Guys, I'm looking for some advice as i really dont know what my next steps are as ive been in work since i was 18 and now at 45 find myself facing redundancy. I have recently split from my wife and moved to my parents home,my debts are a loan and credit card 8.5k loan 4.5k Credit card, ive been constantly on the job sites but aren't hopeful in the current climate, my redundancy pay will be low as ive only been there just over 2 years. Whats my options guys
  2. Good morning all, I have an update for you all, shortly after my first hearing i was told i would need to have a rehearing with another company, Obviously i agreed after the initial grievance hearing the person then asked me to enter into a private conversation, I have received the settlement offer and are disgusted as its not even half of my monthly salary, I'm not sure what to do at this stage as i don't have the funds to finance a solicitor any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks for all your help I really mean that, I just need clarity in order to have a fair hearing. thanks again
  4. I see you seem to be on the other side I merely want a fair hearing and if it proves that certain individuals are guilty of bullying me then surely I'm entitled. I'm wont be demanding i will be asking for what is right under the ICO
  5. Thankyou thats very helpful I will insist i received these emails word for word
  6. But should t it be word for word and not changed in any way
  7. Thanks Emmzzi Thats all i want, Ive a real feeling that person a has been talking to person b about me which has made the situation unbearable, I know its a silly question and have always been told the devil is within the detail, would i expect an email in its raw format? so just like it looks when you press print ? what they've given me is half the email and gave a summary only, they want me to attend the hearing on Monday morning
  8. The person has information about me within emails this is why i wish to see them. Am i right in saying that HR should give me the whole emails as its been summarised at the moment so i'm having difficulty understand the whole context of the email. sorry i'm having difficulty explaining myself
  9. Thankyou, I included 4 people as i believe they have had email conversations regarding myself, although HR have advised me that 1 person has chosen not to share there email, can they do that? HR have sent me a a pdf with Summary conversations not the whole email which is difficult to understand is this allowed ? thankyou
  10. First off i would like to say thank you to all the people that contribute to this site, I do hope you have all been safe over the last few months and remain safe for much longer. It’s been several months since I’ve been working and was on SSP for some time. It took me a while to admit that I needed medication as my self-esteem was on an all time low, due to Bullying at work, I sought help from the doctor and as I slowly started to understand what had happened I decided to open a grievance to my HR department rather than walk from my job . I’ve since com
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