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  1. Ok. Will do - sorry about that. Will continue to ignore, thx.
  2. Thank you for the reassurance. Again, really glad I posted on this forum!
  3. Thanks - actually when I got home, there was physical letter waiting for me - so I guess they did a google search on my name and my Limited Company address came up. Let’s see what happens?!
  4. Thankyou. I have sent the letter, signed for delivery, per your suggestion. Will be back should they send a letter of action. Thanks again! Really appreciate your help!
  5. write to the bank in Dubai? I can do this, but unlikely they will actually process any post from the UK as the postal system is dire and so is the administration there. I doubt there would be any communication between them and the the agency here either in terms of updating them - they are just not that reliable. Perhaps I should do both though to cover all bases? Bank in Dubai (keeping proof I’ve done so) plus letter to this agency?
  6. Thanks both, I have not changed my name - have always had the same email address. I can definitely send a letter with my current address but just so I understand, what does that do. thankyou.
  7. Hello: I was contacted today from an organization called IDRWW about an unpaid debt from Dubai. While living in Dubai my husband left me and my two kids with nothing (after pressuring me to get quite a substantial loan). I was able to pay almost half of it off, but have not been able to keep making payments since returning to the UK. I tried to negotiate with the bank at that time, but they would not accept smaller repayments and I suppose are now chasing me in the UK via this agency. I am a single mother of two, self employed but currently without
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