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  1. i am not resident in the UK. however i do intend to drive the vehicle to the uk this year. what power do EPC have in that respect? seizure for non-payment, etc? the vehicle is kept at the registered address. no PCNs or other correspondence have been received before these two notices yesterday. the two notices were sent from Sweden though the EPC is uk based. 6 months time limit on the PCN - so as EPC have dated their letter May 2020 it would appear the claims are completely null and void in any respect, whether the PCNs were justified or not. un
  2. Hi first time here, thanks in advance for reading and your advice. Yesterday i received two PCN notices in the post, one for a London Low Emission Zone alleged transgression in Aug 19 and the second for same in Sept 19. I live in XXXX (non specific euro country) the vehicle is registered here. The vehicle in question is a Volkswagen Multivan ( kind of smart Caravelle) with 6 seats plus driver. I paid for two days ULEZ charge on 3 and 4 Aug 2019. I understood that the LEZ charge did not apply to my vehicle as it is less than 8 seats.
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