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  1. You have to have a paypal account to trade on ebay and to initially set up the paypal account you need to have a funding source, so if I stopped this my account would be suspended.
  2. The envelope contained 100 1st class stamps. What was most infuriating was that ebay instructed the buyer to return the goods and when they had confirmation of delivery they would refund the buyer. As mentioned in my first post ebay were 100% aware that the item in question was lost and even the envelope had been discarded so there was absolutely nothing to return. By instructing the buyer to return the goods they were encouraging him to send an empty letter with tracking, which he did. If I contact ebay and explain to them what went on they will just tell me that the case has bee
  3. I sold an item on eBay, posted it and shortly after a case was opened against me in the resolution centre requesting a refund. The buyer said that he received an empty envelope, he went on to say that I must have forgotten to put it in the envelope. I was able to prove that the envelope was not empty as it was sent by Royal Mail Signed For, the receipt had the house number, postcode but more importantly the weight of the item sent, proving that the envelope could not have been empty. When this was pointed out to the buyer he replied that the envelope had been sliced open 'with a ve
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