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  1. So, to update, I posted out the letter of claim on the 14th July which has been received and presumably binned by Hermes. I'm a little concerned after having read a previous thread (linked underneath) which seems to be very similar to mine in the way that the claimant lost based on a Judge's interpretation of the consumer rights act. Are there any other similar cases/threads which show the claimant has won? It seems to me that Hermes tend to buckle when they try to defend their prohibited items clause but I can't see any evidence of them conceding when it is based
  2. Thanks I appreciate your time How does this sound? On FRIDAY 29TH May I used your service to send a parcel under the above reference number. The parcel did not arrive at the destination and after several exchanges with your customer service staff, I was told that the item was lost. I was also told that I would not be entitled to full compensation for my items despite having provided you with receipts for these items as I had only opted for the standard £20 compensation. I did not opt for this compensation – as you will know, there is no option to decline this basic c
  3. Thanks - Could you please direct me to a letter of claim template and the address to send it.
  4. As far as i can see - there is no option to remove the free compensation. I've been back on their website and been through the process of booking a parcel and there are only 2 options: free compensation as standard or extra compensation with an additional fee.
  5. So I informed Hermes I would give them one last chance to reconsider and received this Thank you for contacting Hermes. First of all, I am sorry that the parcel was lost. Please be advised we deliver millions of parcel a day and sometimes things go wrong in the system and parcels do go missing. This is why we have a compensation process, to help our customer financially. When booking your parcel you opted for our standard £20 compensation, meaning that is the maximum amount we can pay along with postage. I understand that this is not the outcome you ha
  6. Hi I don't have an issue going all the way - The only question I would have would be whether I could expect to recover the resale value or whether it would be best to concede this is unlikely. I can prove to some extent the expected resale value but not as readily as the prices originally paid.
  7. This is their email Hi , We are getting in touch about your recent claim. We’re happy to tell you that we’ve accepted your claim for £29.92 including the postage cost. So we can make the payment, please send us your bank sort code, account number and your name as it appears on your bank account. Please don’t give us your long card number as we don’t need this to make your payment. Once we’ve got your details we’ll make the payment, this will take around 14 working days ...... When sent the parcel I valued it at £200 (this was a quick gue
  8. So Hermes have replied offering me £27. I claimed £200 but their online form didn't work properly so I couldn't add all of the receipts showing every single book's worth. I have requested several times that they resend the form but they haven't. Should I now ask them again to resend the form or begin other proceedings?
  9. Thank you I'll let you know and make sure I donate when this is all over
  10. The situation is fluid - I've now been told (after a 28 minute wait on the phone) it was damaged as opposed to lost but that the Coventry depot is currently doing a sweep to find the parcel. Ideally I will get the parcel back and resend with parcel force and forget this whole mess. I booked with Hermes, took out their basic £20 insurance and declared the value to be £200 worth of books. Some of the books I can show purchase for, some I can't aside from shop receipts showing as a book.
  11. Unfortunately I recently trusted Hermes to deliver a parcel to an Amazon distribution centre with about 28 books in it. I am a bookseller and i sell on Amazon. Hermes have lost the parcel and I fully expect them to offer me 0 refund or nowhere near what I would receive for selling them. Where do I stand with claiming compensation for the expected selling price of the books. I probably paid around £100 for them in total but would expect to sell them for around 4 times this. Any help greatly appreciated.
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