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  1. many thanks this has been a noose around me for far too long thanktyou
  2. many thanks .. i just wanted to be 100% before i cancelled direct debit thanks for your help dx100uk
  3. yes , it was cleared off my credit report a few yrs back , and they sent me finally a letter this week admitting they couldnt get copy off cca from mbna due to the age of mbna account ,, but worded it saying im still liable even thou not enforceble ill enlcose letter recieved which they took 6 months to admit link copy cca 2.pdf
  4. many thanks .. so when they say in letter im still liable can they still sell it on to another debt collector
  5. hi , i had an old credit card debt back before 2007 and stupidly back then even though i couldnt afford it i was phoned by link they sent me a letter saying they now owned the debt from mbna .. . if would offer to pay £5 a month which has been going on over 10 yrs now .. only recently i looked on facebook site (website name removed - dx) and have had some advice but somone recomended this site to make sure … they recently last couple of yrs started saying it was a concessionary agrement of £5.00 a month and asked for expenditure forms to be filled in AGAI
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