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  1. Hi, Seen some posts on here regarding “The Ga11ery” modelling agency. We had a photoshoot on 26 Jan 2020 with them With our 12 year old son. All went well, he was selected for a GAP contract within the week. Unfortunately we were taken in by the moment and opportunity and paid a massive £8k to them for the full package on offer. Sadly the next day reality set in and something didn’t seem right so contacted our bank to cancel payment. Sadly couldn't as paid on debit card. For the first week or two the agency did contact us as they said, provided
  2. Hi Hope20, Did you manage to get your money back? We had a photoshoot on 26 Jan and everything you have said, including names was exactly the same as ours.. .just wish we had checked them out first. Sadly we had a very excited 12 year old so went along with it and paid £5k+. Contacted my bank day after but heard nothing yet. Just interested to see if any luck getting money back.
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