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  1. I will keep this thread updated when anything changes. I have received an e-mail from Capquest offering a settlement figure. They didn't state what that firgure was though, just for me to get in touch I will ignore.
  2. Thank you both for your advice. It's very much appreciated. I will send a SAR and see what they send back. Shall I respond directly to their Statute barred rejection letter? What would I say?
  3. Hello, I have a mortgage style student loan which began in 1997. My course finished in 2000 and from what I can remember I deferred no more than 3 times before I moved away and had no contact since. this would have been 2003 at the latest. Capquest is now chasing me for the debt. I sent a statute-barred letter but they have replied saying the debt isn't statute-barred as it only defaulted in 2017. I would like advice on how to proceed, please? I would have thought the cause of action' would start 12 months after the last deferment I spoke to the National Debt Helpline, but they advised me to get legal advice before I respond From what I understand SLC sold the student loans around 2014 to Erudio? What I do know is that Erudio defaulted me in Jan 2017 (according to Capquest) I have not receive a CCJ in the past for this.
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