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  1. Short answer - stupid but honest. Long answer - had mental health crisis to declare and answered alcohol questions that were on same form. If my MH was good at the time I filled out form, I probably would’ve completed it differently. As I had single drinking session night before MH hosp admisssion, I hadn’t drank for 9mths previous. Form was Feb last year so can’t do anything about that now I don’t think. It’s just the request for a ME that will take ages and I dont understand why they’ve requested it. MH has been good for over 3months now so DVLA happy with that.
  2. Hi, My license was revoked last Feb when I declared I had been dependant on alcohol in the past. They revoked it for 1 year. I have never been convicted, had seizures, blackouts etc, I was a very tame but honest drunk I re-applied in Feb and my Dr completed their questionnaire supporting me having 1year sobriety and I had blood tests at the Dr showing good liver function etc. The DVLA have now requested I have a medical because I was Dependant. Due to Covid their labs are closed and they cannot say when I can have one. I am also a Carer
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