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  1. Pardew1975 did you ever get any further with this? I am having exactly the same texts from CRS for a paydayexpress account. The IRL complaint missed the deadline unfortunately so couldn't get anywhere with that one.
  2. Not entirely sure, but if PDE no longer exists, who is still updating my credit file with a 6 payment late marker every month?!
  3. Ok thanks - is that option still viable for PD Express, i have read that the deadline has passed for complaints due to them being in administration?
  4. As it stands, you have a payday express PDL that you've never repaid? - Yes, paid back a couple of payments after it was taken out i believe. from the takeout date (poss march 2017?) Taken out Jan 2017 at the time of lending did you have other debts with sums outstanding that you'd missed payments on? Yes any other registered defaults at the takeout time too? Yes
  5. I have only had emails from them - i asked them the question online though. I just checked an email, it is stated as "Payday Express"
  6. They haven't said - i did ask them question about a default, and all they stated is they do not deal with credit files, the original lender does.
  7. Hi, I have an old debt with Payday Express, which is now being chased by CRS (Credit resource solutions). Debt is from beginning of 2017, and credit file is showing as 6 payments late from October 2017 until present day, with no default ever registered. There is a settlement figure offered by CRS which I am thinking about paying off, however i am wondering what this will do to my credit file as i don't want them to suddenly add a default and mark as partially settled. Any thoughts? Thanks
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