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  1. Thanks Uncle Bulgaria. In my case I only found out the flights were cancelled when I went on the Air NZ website. On MyTrip in Netflights, the flights are still showing as operating! Netflights have requested the refund from Air NZ when I told Netflights that the flights were cancelled - my question is what are my next steps if Air NZ refuse? Do Netflights have to reimburse by law if they are not reimbursed by Air NZ. Who do I have the contract with? I will speak with ABTA.
  2. Hi In Jan 20 I booked via Netflights family tickets to Los Angeles from Heathrow with Air New Zealand going in August 2020. They were non-refundable flights. Air New Zealand cancelled due to COVID-19. I approached Netflights for a refund who said they can only refund me if the airline refunds them. I looked at EU261/2004 and as these flights depart from an EU airport they are covered by the regulations. I approached Air New Zealand quoting the relevant sections of EU261. They said they will only deal with the travel agent if a refund is due and wont refund me directly and their a
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