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  1. Slick, the insurers involved are Swinton and I took the policy after doing a comparison search to see who would come in at the best price. I would pressume that if they are aware of my notification but no claim then so would all the other companies be, an expensive lesson to learn.
  2. I am just renewing my car insurance and would ask for advice please. A roof tile fell on my bonnet during the high winds a few months ago and i contacted my insurer to see if it would be viable to make a claim and repair the minimal damage. With what I was quoted, the garage said get a replacement bonnet, I decided not to proceed and no claim was made. On trying to renew my insurance I was quoted a price that I accepted but the company has just come back to me to say they want another £60 as I had an undeclared claim they weren't aware of, this being bonn
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