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  1. Well here i go again , have received Final Reminder - Do Not Ignore Amount charge of £100 Top paragraph is telling me the driver of the above vehicle is liable for the parking charge which is now overdue, and the 4th paragraph saying as im the registered keeper im now invited to either pay the parking charge or notify them with the drivers full name and address , kind of baffling , do i just ignore ?
  2. Ahh got them now, many thanks for your help dx much appreciated, i did have more pics which i (Hopefully )managed to convert but it wont allow me to upload
  3. I still cant see the pixs lol, the pcn doesnt even mention Excel. It has a PCN ref no VCS ******** Would you say just totally ignore this then Also says on paperwork the creditor is vehicle control services ltd
  4. Hi it was Nicol street car park opposite Dunelm , it was VCS that sent out the ticket , no ticket on car , just letter to home address, letter said parked without payment of the parking tariff which was correct as i assumed it was part of the other Nicol street car park further up the road .
  5. I have received a letter issuing me with a PCN ( PARKING CHARGE NOTICE ) for parking in a private car park in Kirkcaldy, Fife , Scotland . This car park is private which i was unaware off. All Council car parks in Kirkcaldy as far as i am aware are free of charge during this coronavirus pandemic. At the time of using this car park i was out shopping for my elderly vulnerable parents where i had to queue to get into the pharmacy for their medications . I did not pay at the ticket machine as i thought the parking was free in here , i have used this car park possibly three times from the date of the first incident but still not been issued with anymore PCN`s . My penalty for the first incident was £100 or £60 if i paid by today 3/6/20, I have not paid this as yet , I was wondering if anyone else has been in the same situation or anyone that has any other advice , many thanks .
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