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  1. Thank you very much for your advice! i won’t back to Sainsbury’s, I will buy in different supermarket. i sent an letter to Sainsbury’s showing my regret about what I did and asked to be unbanned, I guess I did cos I was worried, not happy about what I did, etc.. they didn’t reply but I guess if they reply will be with a no, but it is ok, I have learned the lesson! thank you for you great advice
  2. I won’t pay anything when I receive the letters you told me and buy in another shop and not more shoplifting thx u a lot
  3. Thank you very much for your words and advice! i did it 3 times and I was caught, so enough. I have learned the lesson and it will not happen again. i just asked if it is possible to be unban (I don’t mind to pay a fine If necessary and show my regret to the employees etc. I did something very bad and I am not happy about it) but obviously if they don’t, I will find another place where to buy and for sure not more shoplifting.
  4. Good morning! I have been banned from a supermarket for shoplifting and I would like to know if there is the option to be unbanned and if there are people who were, what they did. thank you in advance
  5. Thank for your nice advice and help! To be honest I did it few times in the same place in a short period cos it worked until the security saw me but I won’t do it again for sure! I learned the lesson this time. I was reading about others and I can imagine everything was fine but I my worries was cos I didn’t read a similar case, all them were cases where people was caught the first time they did but my case is different cos I did a few times in same place until I was caught. I just was very worried cos maybe they could check the CCTV every time I went there in the last
  6. Haha! Thx u! 1st this happen to me! So I just asked many questions because I want to be sure everything will be ok
  7. I forgot to ask if they can check by my nectar card when I was using it, cos then, they could check the CCTV without wasting time searching since they could go directly to the day and time I paid
  8. Thx u! Yes I was already reading about it and all them same advice: don’t pay anything, try to avoid the store for a while, no panic as nothing will happen.. but I just was worried cos I didn’t see anything about people who took things without paying a few times until they were caught and what could happen... but since you said that they won’t check the CCTV etc, I feel better, a bit scared cos it was today but I will be great in a few weeks haha
  9. Thank you very much for your help. It is much appreciate. I hope somebody who works or worked from Sainsburys can tell me more about this cases haha I will try to forget about this and hope not have any issue.
  10. thank you.!! I dont need help from a GP. What I did it is cos I am an idiot. To be honest I am worried not because today I was caught, becuase I left the products there and they did not call the police, but worried becuase I did in the past (2 times in the last month). so, if you are sure they won´t check anything... it will be great becuase I was reading in the internet and some information I found was not good, some of them from Lawyer webs. Some examples were: the police can come to my place if they find out I did in the past and i was not caugh
  11. Thank you!! so for sure they will not check the CCTV? not facial recognation? i am so worried to be honest. I will be my last time for sure doing something like that. By the way, what is FR? becuase I guess GP is the doctor, right? sorry about my silly questions.
  12. Good evening! I am worried becuase today I was caught trying to take some products without paying (no more than 40GBP). The security took me to a room where I was asked for my DOB, address and a picture (one of the security took a pic). They did not call the police but they gave me a document where it states I got banned from Sainsburys. I have to be honest since I did the same a couple times for the last month and becuase it did work, I tried again today but they saw me. I am worried now becuase I dont know if they will check the CCTV and they w
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