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  1. My receipt actually says 'Eden Motor Company', but all correspondence with them regarding my claim is from 'EMC Car Sales' Ok - what is an SAR? And do you mean to TMO?
  2. Thank you, and apologies that car was £3300 and purchased from EMC Unit 8 Swift Lane Bagshot. I've done a lot of investigating and have found some leads, but as you say if TMO are unable to enforce, and only way is possibly going via HCEO after another long and drawn out process, it all seems to be in vain. The reason it's taken this long is because TMO have lagged and I was so reluctant to take to court and invest more money, without seeing what TMO could do first. I definitely regret not trying to take it into my own hands more, but the whole process I've felt helpless. My only viable option now seems to be just to sell the car for whatever parts still function.. to whatever extent.
  3. Yes, The Motor Ombudsman. To be honest, I don't know a huge amount about how exactly they operate. It was just the route I was recommended. I've been in touch with one of their board of directors to get more answers about my case, and it was exactly what I'd feared, so am trying to investigate as much as possible myself to find out exactly who can be held financially accountable to either provide them with those details and/or know who to take to court. Whole story is quite long, but essentially I purchased the vehicle back in January 2018. Within a week faults became apparent - faults that they knew about but said it was just a 'dash light malfunction' and it would be fixed before they handed it over. Took it back to them to fix once I realised I couldn't drive it in that condition. They had it for a week or two despite calling me a couple times to say it was ready to pick up. Finally got it back and had the same gearbox issues but even worse. Took the car to another garage who estimated damages to be £2500+, so took the car back and requested refund. That kicked off the whole process and of course they denied refund saying I should go through their 'warranty program', which wouldn't cover it all anyways. I then took it to TMO, who then decided I needed to get another opinion so we went straight to a VW specialist as the car was VW - they estimated min £3000. Resubmitted that to TMO and it's been ongoing. Received a final decision on 01 Feb 2019 in my favour granting full refund, but I have had no contact or update since then, despite attempting to call and email numerous times. I've brought my case to the attention of two MPs, however imagine they are extremely busy at the moment given the current climate. I have then called Citizen's Advice to find out what further steps I can take, and they've recommended small claims court. I wanted to get all the information from TMO first before I consider/start going down this route so I've reached out via LinkedIn to some of the board of directors for TMO which has been successful and I've actually received an update, although it's what I feared and expected. That said, he assured me they would be meeting about it today to investigate further who can be held accountable/whether they're still trading, etc. I can't trust a speedy investigation given it's been 28 months already so I'm now trying to look into it to find more information. I gather the parent and registered company is under Crown Motors Direct Limited, which might be owned by Ahmed Al-Waheeb and/or Nadjeem Kheloufi. They do still look to be actively trading locally under Chobham Central Garage. I've been in touch enquiring about a car and asked for Nadjeem, who they said I must mean 'Nathan'. On companycheck it reckons the below, this is the company linked to director Ahmed Al-Waheeb. Not sure how reliable that information is. Another interesting link is https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09967993/filing-history - confirmation statement was made on 31 Jan 2020, and 17 Jan director Ahmed changed his DOB and address.
  4. Hi all, I have had an ongoing case open with TMO since Feb 2018 against EMC. Decision was made in my favour in Feb 2019, but I am yet to receive any of the refund. I have just followed this up for the 1,000,000th + time with TMO and am now finding out that they are struggling to get the company to comply (not surprised!). Has anyone had any luck either receiving refund or getting in contact with the owner? TMO have removed them from their list of accredited dealers and reported them to Trading Standards and looking into what extent they are still trading, but I'm hoping to get names/contacts for anyone affiliated. I gather the owner of the parent company - Crown Motor Direct is Nadjeem Kahloufi - has anyone managed to contact him successfully? I also gather they are still trading as Chobham Central Garage - has anyone had contact with them recently? Citizens Advice recommended I go through small claims now, which I'm reluctant to do as decision already made in my favour. Issue seems to be more in holding someone accountable. Any help/advice/details even if seem minor are greatly appreciated! If anyone wants to get in touch to discuss compiling details/evidence, etc feel free to email me at
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