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  1. For me I don’t know how paypal can sanction that much money in one day without being held accountable in anyway as they’re not registered as a bank. I was in a Right state depositing more money I didn’t have Nor did I need as they just kept sanctioning it as I was trying to win it back.
  2. Credit cards were taking out about 12 months prior to the gambling debt to increase my credit rating from my previous IVU so Jan 2018. Purpose of loans were debt consolidation I think I can’t remember properly but think that’s the case the one old loan secured against my mums house about 8 years ago other new loans were just personal loans I probably only made 1 or 2 payments on the loans and then missed a few payments And then wrote to them about I can pay £1 have no CCJ’s Not much on my credit report other than the debt I owe.
  3. could admin put this on the right part of the forum please as I realise its not capital one Thanks
  4. Apologies that this is similar to other posts but not quite what I need I'm a home owner but took the mortgage when I lived with my mum as she wasn't in full time employment, and I paid it as board after she gifted me the house sale money from when her and my dad divorced. so although I'm the owner it really is my mums house. £12k mortgage and £9k secured loan remainig I've had a gambling debt before and paid it all off using payplan apart from a loan I got against the house when I lived with my mum. I'm now married but not on the mortgage of
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