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  1. Hello, I've just heard back from Hermes after going through their complaints department and writing directly. THey are fobbing me off with 'Paclink's contractual agreement'. I attach both the response from Hermes. Have you actually had cases won where the order was placed through Paclink broker rather than Hermes directly? Thank you for your help. Anna Hermes response to my email 02.06.2020.pdf
  2. Letter before small claims court claim.pdf Sorry, I was copying and pasting from a word doc, not sure why it came up as an image.
  3. So as you predicted, Hermes have brushed me off saying this is a Paclink issue and they cannot assist further. At least I have a complaint ref number from this exchange. I am thinking to now send the formal Letter before small Claims court action and wonder if you could review the following: Second part of letter:
  4. Okay I see your point. I have now obtained a reference number from Holly the bot and someone will email me apparently.. 200601-005728
  5. When I go through Hermes customer services it offers to chat with a virtual bot, Holly, or call them or email with your complaint. What do you mean by standard procedure? I've been through this with both Paclink and Resolver so have evidence of the 'loss' being admitted and the £25 being offered, which I refused. I thought that would be sufficient back up? I will also now read up on country court applications.
  6. I am very pregnant and very frustrated and want a quick resolution. I thought I had followed your advice, but do accept bull in a china shop analogy. Thank you for offering to review further letters. By the way, why is it too detailed at this stage? Won't that just save a lot of back and forth communications?
  7. No I've written direct to customer services and copied in the CEO. Actually, I had complained to Hermes via Resolver previously so I guess I have been through a standard process already yes.
  8. Thank you for your helpful advice here. I have just emailed hermes with the following email and look forward to a swift conclusion to this case.o whom it may concern,
  9. Oh, I checked again the details are as follows: I declared £522 as the value. I attach the Paclink shipment note and it looks like a 3 day delivery rather than next day. Paclink delivery Hermes shower.pdf
  10. I declared £522 (the sold price on ebay) and asked for the postage back too £6.94. Yes, I was offered the standard £25 'compensation'.
  11. Hello, I am a victim, probably like many others, of Hermes and Paclink 'losing' items of high value and only compensating £25 which is akin to theft. As we prepare for our baby's arrival we've been clearing out and selling stuff on ebay. I had sold a few items and used Hermes no problems. When we sold a higher value item, a Burlington Shower, (rrp £700) for £522, I again selected Hermes next day delivery for £6.94 via Ebay's own delivery platform, paclink. This was 9th March 2020. By 26th March 2020, the item had not arrived and I had to refund the buyer.
  12. Please Sign this petition to get a Governmental investigation opened against Hermes: http://chng.it/cHBzzZtCGt
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