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  1. No it is still listed under Ferratum. They definitely haven't issued a default on the loan. They first passed collection activity on to an external party (Ardent Credit Services Ltd) 14 days after the first missed payment. Could I use this as the date to start the clock on the Statute barring?
  2. Thanks Peterbard Yes I appreciate I acknowledged the loan initially. However that was over 6 years ago. No notice of default or default notice has been issued, nor does it state that on my credit file, just late payment. With the change to how statute barring is treated with regard to a default is why I don't understand how I currently stand. That is what I am looking for clarification on.
  3. Hi all I hope this is an ok question to ask and I am in the right section? I took out a loan with Ferratum in March 2014. I have made no payments on the loan (sorry in a bad place for a while) or any responded to them since. I did try to make a complaint in 2016 but at no point did I acknowledge the debt. I got regular emails from OPOS trying to get payment but also did not respond. The loan is still on my credit file despite being over 6 years old but Ferratum never issued a default on the loan. As such does this mean it will neve
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