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  1. Hi I have compiled this, please feel free to ask if unclear, been busy caring for someone unwell. Just remember these people are conmen and liars, think this and it get your dander up to go for them
  2. Hi I have compiled this, please feel free to ask if unclear, been busy caring for someone unwell. POINT IN CASE VCS GG 2 2.pdf
  3. Hi all I will send details by Wednesday. The big thing is to pick clean there WS. Regards, GG
  4. Hi, I had my hearing on the 5 November (Telephone) I won claim thrown out after 15 mins. The signs duff, did not form a contract. I will go into it in a bit more detail in a bit, bogged down with things at present. I can say something with all honesty, they are the biggest set of lying B— ———— ds Ive had the misfortune to come across.
  5. Hi FTMDave, I rang court up, they were very helpful, explained I did not want paper hearing as I will need to question their particulars of claim. I also would wish to challenge WS statement orally if I have to. They said best thing was to hold it by telephone so I could do this. They gave me email address so I can request telephone hearing and they will send it to the judge,
  6. I’m just putting finishing touches to my WS, I will hold back until deadline date, which is mid October.
  7. Hi, dx100uk. If I request a court hearing it will drag on. I’ve been unwell so it would not help me if this dragged on. I think phone hearing will be best under the circumstances, thanks again.
  8. Thanks for replies, I have looked at at forum posts, still in muddle what’s to do. I think I will ask for a phone hearing. Not been to well lately.
  9. Hi all. I just got a court date for the November 2020. They say in the letter the Judge wishes to deal with the matter on paper because off the current pandemic. This has thrown me, I wanted to be there to say things. I have to fill a form in and send it back to court, to say I agree or not, N159, any advice on this will help.
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