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  1. Thankyou for all your replys will get some action into motion.
  2. original charge was in first plus and this was sighed and witnessed on the 22/02/2007 Then today we found out from Halifax our mortgage provider that the only charge on our account is with Elderbridge who made the charge on the 16/01/2016 without our permission or consent .
  3. Took loan out in March 2007 for 31k to this date balance says roughly 6k. Rang them today to get a finalised balance. I have been told 18k as they haven't been charging us any interest. Worked out we have already paid 37500 over the past 14 years. Never received any statement of account in all the years we have had this horrendous loan. We have found out as of the 16th January 2016 Elderbridge put a charge on the house without our knowledge. Today we have been informed they are not going to reduce the interest rate.
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