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  1. Hi, Thanks for your replies. To answer Kyosanto - They paid by debit card this time unfortunately, usually they pay by credit card Expedia and Vuelling have only just paid the refunds, bringing to light the fact that it went to the Thomas Cook account not my parents as they were expecting. Isn't the CAA/ATOL refund you mentioned for those claiming for a Thomas Cook holiday when TC went under. This doesn't apply to my parents holiday, it was going ahead until coronavirus. To answer dx100uk - They did pay by debit card but chargeback has to be cl
  2. Hi, Writing on behalf of my parents who aren't on the internet. They booked a holiday through a Thomas Cook high street agent in 2019 for May 2020. When Thomas Cook went out of business their holiday wasn't cancelled because it had actually been booked with Expedia and Vueling Airlines. When coronavirus stopped all holidays, Vueling cancelled the flights. My parents contacted Expedia (by phone) about a refund and I received an email on their behalf saying the refund had been made for the hotel into the Thomas Cook account that had paid for it.
  3. Hi, This is a reply to OrlandoJoe92 My mother is having exactly the same problem with Expedia sending her refund to a Thomas Cook account. Have you managed to get any further please? Thank you
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