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  1. Assuming I can find a new insurer that covers the peril, it seems they can deny a claim for a new actionable event if they think it is linked to something before the policy started even if there was no actionable claim under the old policy. Can the old policy accept a claim that happens after the policy is finished where the cause of the claim might be due to the same type of events that had started during the policy? I don't think so, so if I don't have a claim, what help will I get by informing the old insurer? If the problem starts again and results in a claim, on i
  2. To Bank Fodder, I am not friends with the broker. They told me they no longer work with the old insurance companies. The notice of renewal only contained a summary of cover not the full policy documents. Only after my asking for the full policy have I discovered the exclusions, but the switch has already happened. Uncle BG, the old policy says I should notify them as soon as possible if something happens but does not set a date. I did not report anything at the time because there was no claim or action required. It is really hard to know when or what to report. If
  3. My insurance broker who I had home cover with legal expenses add on has renewed me with a new insurer. I have a potential legal problem which began during the old policy and was covered by the old policy. However, nothing happened resulting in a strong cause of action to make a claim under the old policy. The new policy has an exclusion for the peril that was covered by the old policy. If the dispute leads to a claim now, the new insurance will not cover it. If I try to get a new policy covering the type of problem I might have, it will excl
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