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  1. Ahh I get it so if I stopped paying it would take 6 years. So I should just continued as I am or come to some arrangement to settle them. Or they will just make life complicated. At least the defaults have dropped off. the help on here has been invaluable thank you all so much.
  2. What’s interesting is. I have two (pra) showing on the file along with two barclaycard accounts ( which are the same ones) the account with triton for example is not showing along with two more that I am paying. If they have disappeared because of their age could I just stop paying them now. Or contact them and tell them I’m stopping because the are statue barred.? As well as telling link the same.
  3. The note on the credit file says. link have added a credit card on to my file. I can’t see it as Experian have said there is a delay updating the files at the moment. It says it was added in February. On the letter from link it says they bought the debt 20/06/2014. should I stop paying the other dcas after the 6 years is up. I know no one on here is judging but my problems started during the financial crash 2007-08. I am left with btl properties I bought at the time. I stupidly used credit cards to fund refurbishment with a view
  4. I had a notice from experian that they had added a credit card
  5. That will be satisfying! Thanks why do you think they have added this credit card to my file now then?
  6. They have taken on the mbna debt. (Sorry I originally thought it was mint. Hence the title)
  7. If there was no default registered. Can it be registered now after all this time?
  8. No sorry I got it wrong. Triton are taking payments for mint. the link letters are about a mbna debt. That I have paid nothing on since 01.05.2014
  9. Okay. Just done some more digging. Triton took on the mint debt. Still being paid. all payments to mbna stopped 01.05.2014. This is what link are chasing Sorry to be so confusing.
  10. Sorry andy. Those payments are still being made.so the link letters cannot be legal last payment 30th April 2020 If however the mint payments became triton. Then the mbna last payment was 31.12.13
  11. last payment to mbna 31.12.2013. ‘IF‘ That then became triton I’m still paying. if triton bought the mbna debt these link letters can not be correct.
  12. Sorry how could that be? ( not learnt the quote thing yet) Well this is interesting. Last mbna payment was 31.12.13. £45.00 They then stopped But triton started 30.01.14. £45.00. And continue to date.
  13. Well I should repay the debt. But I can’t. It’s been so long since I heard anything about it I’ve forgotten. As I’ve been saying my credit score is slowly getting better. Can’t believe it will just go away. can you tell me what good sending the request might do as I accept the debt.
  14. I’ve had another letter. Saying we have not reached a conclusion on how it should be paid. Offered me the chance to pay an amount each month (52.22) any advice on what I should do. ? ive not sent a cca request. Kind of don’t want to acknowledge them
  15. No I haven’t moved. Thats why I’m confused they never had my address
  16. Thanks for that. I appreciate the reassuring comments from all of you. I will wait in anticipation for links next correspondence. I can’t believe they have only just got my address can’t understand that . It would have applied to the original lender !
  17. I am confused that mint does not appear anywhere on my file. They stopped taking my payments. Now link have added/removed ( the term Experian used) I’m guessing it’s added. With 18 months to go before the remaining defaults are gone. I couldn’t stand another six years. I’m 62 years old !!
  18. Yes they have my correct address now. Is this significant?
  19. Thank you Andy. That’s encouraging. They sent a strange letter saying they hadn’t contacted me before as there was an address issue. I ignored it I’m embarrassed to say.
  20. HI. I had notification that link had added a credit card to my file. It is yet to appear. Back in 2015 i came to arrangements with all my creditors (credit cards) and as such defaults were added. I have two remaining that i can see. My question is, if link have now taken on a debt that i had, are they able to create a new default? I have been told that unless i actually break an agreement with them directly they can not record a default. I dont want to be set back a further 6 years! thanks for any advice
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