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  1. What worries me is if they don’t win then I could be liable for the solicitors fees. I have to sign a document agreeing. I don’t want to. This is not assisting.
  2. HI they have provided me with a hire agreement doc that was done online apparently. it has my name typed in it. It also states that I have a insurance policy if the third party do not pay. They are now saying I need to take on their solicitor in.my name to take on the case. if I don't I am not assisting them. I do not want to sign up for this. My insurance admiral sorted this out as I had car cover. My memory is not good around this times I hit my head. I lost my memory a few days later having found out I had a minor stroke due to the blow to the head. I ask
  3. They said the third party refused to pay and I will need to hire the solicitor to claim on my behalf. I would imagine the cost as its like 20K for 30 days. I asked for document with my signature of terms and conditions and the documentation that I signed to accept the car and return. They provided electronic terms and conditions the acceptable of car and return they cannot as destiny after 12mths due to data protection. can they prove I actually accepted the car? and for how long? Having read the threads of others I really don't want the st
  4. Yes I read very stressful. I have a document which I apparently signed online for. But fleet dates after 12 months due to data protection the form I signed to accept car
  5. Yes. The third party will not pay the hire car. They have a electronic signed terms and Conditions form. An email stating “ fleet team do not keep for longer than 12mths due to GDPR document that I signed for car and date collected
  6. Hi yes they said I need to claim the cost back from them and hire solicitor they instruct. Or I’m liable for fees. They have a online document terms and conditions document that I apparently signed online. But no document that I signed for delivery of car. Or collection This is due they say to destroying after a year due to Data protection
  7. They are saying I electronically signed for the car 4 years ago. They have an electronic document that I apparently signed following a car accident. But due to data protection laws do not have any docuements With my signature saying I received Car and handed back. They are only kept for one year I have insurance apparently with them for a solicitor. Do I have to instruct or can I walk away
  8. I had a non fault car accident 4 years ago. Car was a write off and the other driver admitted fault car was paid off. I was paid out a year ago For injuries. Auxilis have now asked me to hire a solicitor they have instructed to get the hire car frees back. Do I have to do this? They have sent me a digital hire agreement. They cannot provide me with any documentation of me receiving vehicle or handing back as destroy after a year. I can only assume I had the car for the time length they are saying. Do I have to hire the solicitor i
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