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  1. Thanks so much for ya advice ive been pulling my hair out since they rang friday didnt no where to turn to. going down to the bank 1st thing tuesday and wont speak to any one until its gone through. sorry dont no how to reply to each message so just going to put it here. Ive had the hire car for 2 months and its a brand new aldi a4 (they gave me a like for like as mine was a bmw 320d). Had no other car to use and i care for my uncle and have been dropping parcels off to my grandma who cant leave the house so needed transport. Nothings been said about personal injury i did go to the doctors to get some strong pain killers as my back was hurting was a 70 mph crash on the motorway. When the comany who hired the car rang they said the 3rd party have new evidence involving the crash.
  2. Hi i just needed a bit of advice really i was involved in a car accident 2 months ago and had a witness. last week i received a cheque for the sum agreed at the value of my car from the other drivers insurance company, i have not been able to leave my house to check it with everything going on. I received a call from a company sorting the claim and who gave me a courtisy car saying his insurance company are now disputing liability from the crash. I am unable to call my car insurance company till tuesday, should i cash the cheque? Ive allready lent some money of my mum and put a depost down on a car to pick up when it becomes safer because i thought i had 2500 pound from the crash, anybody got any idea what to do, can they give me a cheque then take it back? I thought once they paid me out that is it finished? Thanks
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