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  1. Hi, I’m currently going through a similar problem and thought I’d share the difficulties I’m having and the reason why - I’d imagine there’s a lot of people in the same boat and hopefully someone will step in to help! I booked a hotel through Thomas Cook, however the booking was also done through Expedia. As a result this means that Expedia have the booking and any queries must go through them as Thomas Cook aren’t in business anymore. The problem is that when Thomas Cook made the booking, it’s all done in their name with all their details! So whenever I contact Expedia they refuse to speak to me as I’m not the ‘account holder.’ I have no idea what name is on this account, or what email address is used (this is how they verify you). I then discovered that the contact number was actually the old Thomas Cooks landline number and I was able to pass security after much to-ing and fro-ing. Even now I’ve passed security I’ve been told that it’s impossible to change the email address, name or contact number on this booking. So essentially my booking is stuck under details that don’t exist anymore! The most frustrating part and the most crucial is that a refund is impossible too for similar reasons. After passing security I spoke about refunds which they were more than happy to oblige to. I asked how it would be refunded and was told it would be refunded back on to the card it was paid on. Just to double check I asked what card it was paid on and they told me the last 4 digits of a card. wasn’t my card. Thomas Cook take your money in store and then pay Expedia separately from their own account. So if a refund is to be processed it will be processed against a card that more than likely doesn’t exist as Thomas Cook aren’t trading, however more importantly a card that isn’t mine or one that I can get access to. I have sent an email to Expedia explaining everything and they said they are more than happy to help, but to do so they need to call the contact number on the booking to verify the account. As I mentioned earlier, this is Thomas Cooks landline number that doesn’t exist anymore. I know this doesn’t help the original post but hopefully it gives a better understanding of the situation that I’m sure a lot of people are stuck in. I’m so angry that Expedia haven’t taken responsibility for what I’m sure is thousands of Thomas Cook bookings and left so many people in the dark. Pretty disgusting behaviour from such a large company especially in these challenging times.
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