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  1. Thanks everyone. Homer67, thank you specifically as that seems precicely what Ii want to do; I want him to be able to control, downsize if necessary, rent it out if he chooses etc for his own benefit, but ultimately pass it on to the kids (who are also his, and this is his wish too). Basically I want him to be able to behave as if its his house, but without the risk of it actually being his. Any further thought are also much appreciated. MH
  2. Hi, I am the sole owner of our family home, where I live with my partner and our two children. My partner has no interset in the property and we are not married. I had planned to leave the house to my partner in the event of my death and ultimately it will be passed to our children when he dies (my current will leaves it to him), but he has recently had some financial difficulties. I do not want to leave a house to him that will then be used to settle his debts. Can I leave the house to the children but state that he can remain in control of it unti lhis de
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