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  1. @BankFodder you said earlier on this thread that it is more likely than not better to make a claim without instructing solicitors on a basis of a conditional fee agreement. I actually did explore this option carefully, and received one CFA for this case to be signed. Now, I would like to make an informed decision whether to actually sign it or rather just go and file a claim on my own. I believe I have a very strong case, as in addition to wrongfully defaulting my credit file, during the process with CISAS Vodafone also used my old address to send me final resolution, despite
  2. All in all, managed to settle this through CISAS for a small amount, but was encouraged to bring a data protection claim separately, as this was out of CISAS's scope.
  3. If anybody is interested, this helped me understand negligence and damages
  4. Fair points. It definitely makes me consider to specify the costs better. Hey, I am just doing my best battling all this corporate abuse; it feels like I need to high five myself when you say thinks like this I received now everything they have on the platform on me/us through CISAS, but not also SAR that I requested directly from Vodafone. I think I will just do it on my own this time, so I learn how to and prevent any similar complications in future in the get go. Good points to consider honestly.
  5. I will be honest, I have very little experience with all this (never been to other court than the supreme one as a visitor ), and it is the first time that I am going through this adjudicator process, so I can I prefer to be more careful than less I have received quite a lot of data now on CISAS platform, about 60 pages altogether, so it takes me quite some time to process all this too, plus trying to stay calm, given how distressful this case has been so far.
  6. Ok, that is good to know. I have been studying Data Protection Act 2018 now, I want to know this very well for the future. As for the contract legislation, which act do you think could be the most relevant here? Ok, I see. I need some more time to organise all this well. Alright As for my privacy claim among others, I have found some of the cases on this website somehow helpful: https://www.hutcheonlaw.co.uk/claims/data-protection/ Form what I understand I can make a breach of privacy claim arising just from the fact that it was b
  7. Thanks for your perspective, anything helps as I am exploring this. As an entrepreneur I have a bit of a different strategy, so in this case I called a few companies I found on Law Society to inquire about the case and learned a few things this way. Initial assessment is pro-bono anyways. One company told me they would only take cases where the company admitted the breach of privacy and would also charge on a no-win no-fee basis. They also told me that they would negotiate settlements with the insurers of the companies, such as Easy Jet... Thanks again for your perspecti
  8. If I would send you this via email, it would also mean I would have to reveal my or my company's identity automatically, since I dont have burner emails or anything like that. I have to say I would prefer to stay anonymous until I understand better any implications that sharing any confidential information might have.
  9. Also, I feel completely comfortable preparing my case on my own, if anything I have learned through this that I have very strong interest in law. Hence, the most helpful thing for someone to do, would probably be to reference all the legislation relevant for this case. I enjoy reading all the acts and looking long term it will be probably more impactful for me if I learn how to discover on my own things such as how much can claim for all the listed things. I believe deep learning about something so practical as how to make a legal stand for yourself is very important.
  10. I can absolutely appreciate your perspective, however the fact is that we had a business agreement, we had unlimited texting plan, we were texting for business and we were not told or warned what Vodafone would consider abusive.
  11. Wait, hang on a second. I would like you to understand that I really feel distressed by this case itself already. I am trying to provide as much information for anyone who might be in similar situation to know that they are not alone out there being anxious when dealing with this sort of frustration. I called CISAS just now and they confirmed that the image is clear and that they can read it and if adjudicator would need any further assistance they would contact me. I am trying figure out what medium to use for T&Cs to provide as much
  12. Unfortunately I only have a phone to make photos at the moment, but all this actually made me realise I should send a better copy to CISAS somehow. I need to think how this can be done now. I do appreciate your time and effort in any case, it is a great forum and I am glad I discovered it and I think it is ok if you are a bit challenging, because I have a feeling they will be much harder there.
  13. We were trying to reach about 1000 to 5000 different people on different occasions within a week from what I can remember, so for that it took us about I think up to 50 groups.
  14. How specific would you like me to be? We used group texts about twice a week.
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