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  1. Doing it myself, the fcfs told me I could make a claim, is this incorrect?
  2. Hi Andyorch, yes I beleive it was, are they the ppi providers? Hi dx100uk No I do not think it has been registered with the provider before the deadline
  3. I have had a letter from Commitments uk who state I may have had a ppi included in my mortagage, I now have the sar from the mortgage company which seems to show a payemnt to the broker of £3125, but later in the solicitors letter the broker was paid pnly £500. There is also a mention on my mortgage apllication of 'mini title insurance', not sure if this is ppi? Commitments state that the broker orchard finance set this up and have given me the ppi policy number. The problem is, I want to file a complaint to the FSCS who want the ppi documents which I do not have.
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