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  1. Hi @BankFodder and @stu007, Thanks for getting back to me. The photo evidence of the items that were in my bin which was knocked over as well as the items of clothing and feces from the rats that were in my drawers are in the folder in the link below: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1f2zJIKvZANURiA2yXzhzeYl0f9JMIDb2?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1f2zJIKvZANURiA2yXzhzeYl0f9JMIDb2 I appreciate the help and will be getting in touch with the council soon. With regards to the deposit scheme, the deposit
  2. All the above certifications are set out and there are smoke alarms. I unfortunately made the mistake in not taking photos when I arrived however did take a video upon leaving. The deposit holder is mydeposits.co.uk and the landlord is “Want This Room”. Fortunately I have already moved out and settled in. I will call the council and respond then. Thank you!
  3. Hi @BankFodder Thank you for responding. The house is owned by the agency and I am dealing with one of the agents. I have tried to get the owner of the agency to give me a call. I was promised that he would give me a call on Thursday which did not happen either. I have also been a tenant since the end of December 2019. My deposit is kept with a third party holder - what would be the correct process with them? There is one other tenant in the house and she has also expressed moving out and is considering taking legal action. She has told me that this
  4. Hi all, Almost three weeks ago it was evidently made clear the house-share I was living at was infested with rats in the kitchen. I made the landlord aware of this and they said they would take action and asked me if I was happy with the chosen method of killing the pests to which I replied and had no response and the message was left unread for two weeks until the situation escalated and I came home to a Bedroom that had been ravaged by rats (no food was left out and clothing/items were damaged as well - photo evidence was taken both of damage and proof of rats ie feces)
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