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  1. I know it has been a while since I last contacted you, my apologies. As in my last post. I asked if there was a disclaimer warning notice relating to the use of the scanners. If there was no such notice then they have not allowed for human error and by default you would not be charged. I am sure that if customers knew of such a notice they would either not use the scanners or they would be extra vigilant when using the scanner if they knew what the consequences would be. If there is no such notice have you appealed to their claim of shoplifting theft.
  2. Sad as this is. The use of the scanner system to do your shop is based on trust without error. It seemed a bit harsh on the store manager`s behalf but he/she would have a policy and procedure to follow as he/she might lose their job for not following the process. Is there a warning notice beside the scanners indicating something like "You must scan all items in your basket" "Failure to do so will be deemed as shoplifting and could lead to possible prosecution" Check the store and see if there is such a notice. If there is not such a notice displayed you
  3. Contacting 3 network will not work as the debt has been passed on to a DCA. You need to contact the DCA and sort it with them. Confirm the balance owing on the a/c with the DCA and pay it all off. If you pay off the balance the DCA will transfer the details back to 3 Network. You then press for a refund and if it is verified you had a poor service you will be refunded. All the time the debt is hanging on it will invariably affect your credit file, hence pay off the debt and claim it back afterwards. If the DCA is legit they will confirm the outstand
  4. Thanks for that Andy. You are right and I think it comes under the "fit for purpose" flag. You would be surprised on how many customers try to lie under this flag to try getting out of their contract. The system can be checked and to see the type of signal that the customer is getting and there is found "no issues". A lot of customers for example do not realise that sometimes it is not the service provider at fault but the server that they are connecting to. With FB for example it may depend on the time of day you use it meaning when you log into
  5. Hello Andy, I worked for a mobile company for 13 years and I dealt with calls like this all the time. As like my previous message I retired from my job 2 years ago A mobile contract is legally binding whether verbal or paper. The trial period is there to allow the customer to have a cooling off period and last time I worked for this company the cooling off period was 14 days. During this time the customer connects the equipment and the sim then the customer calls CS to register the sim and activate it. Whether it be a mobile phone or a data d
  6. I worked for a mobile phone company and unfortunately the contract is yours. The policy is that if you get the contract online then you receive the equipment you have 14 days from receipt of the equipment to decide if you want to keep the sim or not. If you got the sim in-store and signed a contract then as soon as you walk out the door the sim and it`s term of contract is yours. It appears on your initial statement for help that this is what has happened. Every mobile phone / sim contract is the same with every network and yes they can chase you for the money
  7. It`s the time delay between the hammer dropping to the bidding frenzy online. This is sometimes up to 2 mins so when you are looking at the auction online and you see the hammer drop it could have dropped earlier or later subject to the speed of the connection and bandwidth including the server used.
  8. I would ask the auction house who were conducting the auction for a copy of the terms and conditions. Especially relating to online bids and the time delay of when the hammer drops and the time of the accepted bid online. I attend an auction near where I live and the auctioneer when getting an moment of silence of no further bids received he will allow 3 seconds before dropping the gavel meaning he will say eg £50 the room £55 online £60 the room. Then silence "any further bids - one two three" and drop the hammer. From the point of the hammer dropping and a full 3
  9. Thanks for that HB. As I said before I have assisted others before but just on the FB page and have enjoyed doing this. So you never know I might bump into you some time in the future ha ha ha ha C YA - HB Shalamar138
  10. I can always ask SKY if they want it back and pay me for it ha ha ha ha ha As Simon says "JUST KIDDING"! I suppose if anything this entry is going to be a strong advisory to not buy a mini box privately otherwise you will get stuck with it ! I had a look for the intellectual property IP rights :- Intellectual property rights are the rights given to persons over the creations of their minds. They usually give the creator an exclusive right over the use of his/her creation for a certain period of time. I would like to thank everyone for their a
  11. This is the response from eBay:- We had to remove your listing because it didn’t follow our Enabling infringement policy. Listings or items that encourage or enable copyright or trademark infringement are not allowed What activity didn't follow the policy We removed your item as it was reported to us by Sky. Please note that this item is not allowed on our site. Please don't relist this item.For more information please read our help pages or contact Sky directly on: https://business.sky.com/fighting-fraud/ OR [email protected]
  12. Samantha saw my post on the FB page and advised I might get assistance because I originally paid for the minibox and because of SKY`s intervention means I am stuck with a box (having left SKY) that I cannot sell on. But eBay still listing boxes for others. Hmmm very unfair and discrimatory !
  13. Hi HB, I`m new to this site and how it functions. Seeing the reply I thought it was just me who would see the changes. But if it was you who assisted A BIG THANK YOU
  14. Thank you As the minibox is a spur and cannot receive programming on its own. It is rendered useless without a contracted Q box and subscription for multiroom being put in place. This then cannot be rendered copyright infringement. The seller of such a box would then be correct to sell the box. It is the buyer who would infringe copyright without having subscribed to SKY to activate multiroom authorisation. Many thanks for your help and taking the time to edit my post. I have been around for a long while (a bit long in the tooth)
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