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  1. It`s the time delay between the hammer dropping to the bidding frenzy online. This is sometimes up to 2 mins so when you are looking at the auction online and you see the hammer drop it could have dropped earlier or later subject to the speed of the connection and bandwidth including the server used.
  2. I would ask the auction house who were conducting the auction for a copy of the terms and conditions. Especially relating to online bids and the time delay of when the hammer drops and the time of the accepted bid online. I attend an auction near where I live and the auctioneer when getting an moment of silence of no further bids received he will allow 3 seconds before dropping the gavel meaning he will say eg £50 the room £55 online £60 the room. Then silence "any further bids - one two three" and drop the hammer. From the point of the hammer dropping and a full 3 second delay (warning) the winner is the one with the successful bid. However if there is a rush of people clicking online then it is the received confirmed final bid online that wins the item . There might be a rolling proxy bid and that bidder would get the item. So if the item is going up in £5 increments and the buyer has invested say £100 in advance then instead of clicking to bid on the rise in price of £5 increments then this bidder wins the bid up to the total of his investment of £100. If the bidding goes up to more than the £100 then other bidders gets the item. I also bid for items online with a well known auction site and I place a bid on a price that I feel that the item is worth (this being a much higher amount than that displayed). So without going back in to continue to bid and if the item comes in at less than that of the amount that I have invested online then in the final frenzy of bidders I have more of a chance to getting the item because my bidding is automatically accepted with each rising increment. This system I feel is the same that the auction of the item that Bigboykarl would have been using. It is a complicated process and I hope that I have explained myself as clear as possible.
  3. Thanks for that HB. As I said before I have assisted others before but just on the FB page and have enjoyed doing this. So you never know I might bump into you some time in the future ha ha ha ha C YA - HB Shalamar138
  4. I can always ask SKY if they want it back and pay me for it ha ha ha ha ha As Simon says "JUST KIDDING"! I suppose if anything this entry is going to be a strong advisory to not buy a mini box privately otherwise you will get stuck with it ! I had a look for the intellectual property IP rights :- Intellectual property rights are the rights given to persons over the creations of their minds. They usually give the creator an exclusive right over the use of his/her creation for a certain period of time. I would like to thank everyone for their advice and help
  5. This is the response from eBay:- We had to remove your listing because it didn’t follow our Enabling infringement policy. Listings or items that encourage or enable copyright or trademark infringement are not allowed What activity didn't follow the policy We removed your item as it was reported to us by Sky. Please note that this item is not allowed on our site. Please don't relist this item.For more information please read our help pages or contact Sky directly on: https://business.sky.com/fighting-fraud/ OR sky@rightsmediation.com I also tried another selling website and got the same response Unfortunately we have had to remove your ad "Sky Q Multiroom Minibox" posted in the category "Satellite & Cable Equipment" from the site. We have reason to believe that your ad is offering an item that infringes on intellectual property (IP) rights. It is likely that the IP rights owner has contacted us to alert us to this ad. there are numerous ads of the same box being sold right now:- WHat is intellectual property (IP) rights. (ads removed - dx)
  6. Samantha saw my post on the FB page and advised I might get assistance because I originally paid for the minibox and because of SKY`s intervention means I am stuck with a box (having left SKY) that I cannot sell on. But eBay still listing boxes for others. Hmmm very unfair and discrimatory !
  7. Hi HB, I`m new to this site and how it functions. Seeing the reply I thought it was just me who would see the changes. But if it was you who assisted A BIG THANK YOU
  8. It is typewritten this way as it is a cut and paste from a text. It is also very explanatory in that others can understand it explaining the term of events and to warn others of the pitfall of buying and selling Sky related devices.
  9. This message is a copy of a reply I sent to Samantha Clark. Hello Samantha, Thanks for your message. In most cases I have a lot of knowledge about consumer affairs and problems (please see my previous replies to other members). I do not have a copy of the request for advice as it was not published on your site. As I remember it is about a SKY multiroom minibox that I purchased from Ireland from another seller on ebay that I wanted to use as an extra to the already subscribed SKY Q main box and already subscribed multiroom subscription that I agreed a contract to. I am a vocal entertainer and well aware of copyright infringement. I cannot understand how SKY can enforce copyright infringement to enforce eBay to take down sellers adverts from selling miniboxes. If the box (spur) is inactive because it cannot connect to a main box and to get the main box you have to subscribe and to be able to connect an extra box then you must subscribe extra to use it as SKY controls this option from their systems. As the minibox cannot connect in any way then how can this be copyright infringement. I now have a minibox that I cannot sell on as SKY has implemented a restriction to stop me from selling it on. I might add that eBay have at the time of the original message had 10 miniboxes for sale/auction and these have not been taken down or removed. aken I have duplicated this message to the forum for you to pick up. Many thanks
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