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  1. What is the YCS?

    The Youth Consumer Service: Enjoy our sizzle reel outlining our project, the Youth Consumer Service and some of the subjects that we will cover over the coming months

    Watch the video here or on the YCS Instagram page and then see if you have the answers when you do the quiz





  2. Police Powers: Health & Protection

    Many of us have been hearing mixed messages about the new Public Health Regulations. What exactly is a ‘reasonable excuse’ to leave your home?


    Watch this video here or on the Youth Consumer Service Instagram page then take the quiz to see if you have understood the situation.




  3. Coping with extreme hardship

    Life can be tough when you're entering the world of work and in the present virus crisis, things are even more difficult.

    Watch the video below or go to the Youth Consumer Service Instagram page . Afterwards, you can see if you've understood the points which are being made by taking the quiz.




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