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  1. Yes it is. I think I need to look into the contract point a little more as I think there was an updating of contracts in Sept 18 whereas my charge was subsequent in Nov 18, so unfortunately I wouldn't be bound by the old one anniebattlemums is referencing. That said (I need to double check this) I think the new contract references the company as Excel and not VCS, therefore VCS have no right to issue a CCJ against me. Once I get hold of this contract then I will confirm.
  2. Thank you Bankfodder - I'll get on it at the weekend and hold you to that offer of looking at a draft (be kind). I've made a note to look at the Shamrocker thread in detail.
  3. Thank you very much for all the suggested advice ericsbrother. I think I am worrying too much that a judge may look at the address issue as my fault albeit I have found out from the SAR that they only tried to search for my address once a few days after the proposed contravention. I have the photos already of signage. Clear as mud really - the one on the entrance states 'Excel Parking Services control and manage this car park' with no mention of VCS. Then another one within the car park has Excel Parking in big letters on it, however small print states 'Entering a
  4. Thank you Brassnecked, I'll liaise with the NBC to see what the POC was - I hadn't thought of this.
  5. Thank you FTMDave - had to do plenty of research just to get my head around all of this! and how the likes of Simple Simon can try to get away with this! Yes exactly my thinking in terms of paying off the CCJ - it doesn't benefit me now and only him! That's great advice - thank you, I will keep tabs on what happens there and use that for a later steer! What I will do is write to my MP in the mean time, and will also write to the landlord too complaining about this. Thanks again.
  6. The letters were issued on the 3/4/19 and the payment date was by the 29/4/19 (apologies I missed this out).
  7. Thank you for the response dx100uk, much appreciated. Understand the fault is with myself however surely I should have the right to defend against this invoice. I felt an argument to state that they didn't try very hard to ensure my address details were correct, considering if they contacted the DVLA they will have both my licence and V5 at different addresses. I have SAR the DVLA to see what information and when it was requested on this point. I also believe that paying it now doesn't make it go away and therefore has no impact on my credit rating, and therefore wil
  8. Morning, I was hoping to obtain to advice on a CCJ I have only been recently made aware of. - The CCJ was issued in 04/2019, in which I only found out about this via a Debt Recovery Letter. - It's in relation to a NTK from 11/2018, issued by VCS at Berkeley Centre in Sheffield. The fee was £60 raising to £100 if not paid within 14 days. - The NTK was issued 12 days after the date of the alleged offence. - To obtain the above information I had to SAR VCS as the NTK was sent to a previous address (my error and will explain below). - Apart from the abo
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