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  1. Was told by Tesco they will not release the CCTV to me saying that they only release it to police or a solicitor they would not give it to me so they have lied to me again I will be stating this in my letter it seems that they have made many mistakes in this all I want is an apology not compensation getting annoyed more now with the way I'm being dealt with than the incident it self
  2. Been told that I have to get a solicitor or the police to get the CCTV Tesco head office have said they will be reviewing the CCTV footage in there investigation I know that I did nothing wrong on my part they have admitted that the security guard was in the wrong for hiding his license number and that there manager should of got this for me
  3. He had it on but put his hand over it so I could not get it have got a friend that has said that she will see if she can when she goes shopping later just really want him to realise that his manner in which he dealt with it was wrong
  4. Thank you I have complained to Tesco through there customer complaints phone line but I did not release that I should complain about the manager to thought he was trying to be help full by giving me the company's name release now that that was a proper fob me off
  5. I am no good with punctuation and not good with writing English so will find a friend that can put it better than me thank you for the advice
  6. My son was waiting for me outside Tesco and was approached by a store security guard he was told to get off the property he explained he was waiting for me as of the social distancing rules the security guard told him that he didn't care what he was doing there and if he didn't go he would make him leave and left him and went back in the store as I was leaving the store the same security guard pushed past me heading towards my son aggressively as he got to my son I explained that he was with me and was waiting for me the security guard squared up to me, no
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